Forced Vaccines: The Santa Barbara, California IDIOT FORUM (July 30th 2016)




Deapster • 2 days ago
If vaccines worked as described and they are “universal” then those who chose to risk their own health not getting vaccinations should not be a danger to others, because everyone else is vaccinated against these potential transmission threats.

What am I missing here.

Christina Marlowe Deapster • 2 days ago
“What am I missing here.”
Uh…What you are “missing” is the most rudimentary education… or your entire brain is missing altogether.
ANY ONE–even YOU–can research this…only to find that VACCINES are causing neurological disorders, developmental disorders…Autism, retardation…Vaccines are in FACT KILLING PEOPLE.

Brian Christina Marlowe • 2 days ago
Repeating a lie does not make it true.

Repeating in CAPZLOK makes you look like a troll.

We’ve known for over a decade that vaccines don’t cause autism, etc., because the unvaccinated develop autism at the same rate!

Christina Marlowe Brian • 2 days ago
“…the unvaccinated develop autism at the same rate!”
That is an outright LIE.
What on earth are you people learning??? And from whom and where are you getting your information??? Are you KIDDING?? My god, you here are the most IGNORANT population of people ON EARTH!!!
With much Disgust,
Christina Marlowe

MacGyvergirl Christina Marlowe • a day ago
cognitive dissonance…people just can’t get over the fact that the government lies to them…

Christina Marlowe MacGyvergirl • a day ago
If ONLY they’d figure it out…BY NOW!!!!

david Christina Marlowe • 20 hours ago
I agreee with you about the dumpster being awful ut you are the SAME thing

Christina Marlowe david • 17 hours ago
You asked for it by addressing me in the way you did in the first place, dearie.

Brian Christina Marlowe • 2 days ago
This topic has been studied to death! Literally millions of children have been studied, by independent organizations all over the world, looking at vaccines both individually and in combination, and the results all give the same conclusion – the unvaccinated develop autism at the same rate.

As a few examples:

—Taylor et al. (1999) studied 498 children in the UK showing no difference in autism rates or age at ASD development based on vaccination
—Makela et al. (2001) studied 500,000 children in Finland showing no difference in autism rates or age at ASD development based on vaccination
—Madsen et al. (2002) studied 500,000 children in Denmark showing no difference in autism rates or age at ASD development based on vaccination
—Hviid et al. (2003) studied 450,000 children in Denmark showing no difference in autism based on thimerosal in vaccines
—Verstraeten et al. (2003) studied 125,000 children in the U.S. showing no difference in autism and other disorders based on thimerosal in vaccines
—Miller et al. (2004) studied 100,000 children in the UK and found no difference in autism and several other disorders based on thimerosal in vaccines
—DeStefano et al. (2004) studied 2,500 children in the U.S. showing no difference in autism rates based on vaccination
—Smeeth et al. (2004) studied 5000 people in the UK and found no difference in autism and several other disorders based on vaccination
—Honda et al. (2005) studied 300,000 people in Japan showing no difference in autism rates based on vaccination
—Fombonne et al. (2006) studied 28,000 children in Canada showing no difference in autism rates and other developmental disorders based on vaccination
—Richler et al. (2006) studied 300 people with autism in the U.S. and found no difference in regressive autism rates based on vaccination
—Uchiyama et al (2007) studied 900 people with autism in Japan and found no difference in regressive autism rates based on vaccination
—Price et al. (2010) and DeStefano et al. (2013) studied 1000 children in the U.S. and found no difference in either classical or regressive autism rates, or other forms of ASD, based on thimerosal or other ingredients in vaccines
—Kuwaik et al. (2014) studied autism rates among those who had older siblings with autism, showing no difference based on vaccination even with genetic predispositions to autism
—Jain et al. (2015) replicated the study with far more people and got the same result
—Baxter et al. (2015) showed that, when using the same diagnosis criteria, the autism rate was the same 25 years ago as it is today
—Gadad et al. (2015) showed no difference in autism rates in rhesus monkeys based on vaccination, and their brains were dissected just to make certain. Also, this study was funded by anti-vaccine groups
see more

Christina Marlowe Brian • 2 days ago
Then WHY are AMERICANS so STUPID?…Americans are the laughingstock of the entire world and RIGHTLY SO!!

So!! YOU actually “believe” the LIES that the U.S. GOVERNMENT spinning PROPAGANDA constantly through corporate-owned schools and ALL media, incessantly spouting the EXACT OPPOSITE of the ACTUAL FACTS???!

You actually BUY this joke of an oligarchic DUOPOLY of outright LIES and pure ILLUSION????

Here, little dear, is a FACT:
This “government is OWNED, lock stock and barrel, 100% by an International crime syndicate, an ELITIST CORPORATE/BANKING CARTEL, and this “government,” IN FACT and IN DEED, does work SOLELY on behalf of THOSE FEW PEOPLE, the CORPORATE MONIED INTERESTS!!!

YOU’D better LEARN something entirely different or you will get BURIED ALIVE!!! Do you like DEBT???? How’s it looking so far?? CM

Christina Marlowe Brian • 2 days ago
LIES, LIES and MORE LIES!! Just WHOM do you think FUNDS it ALL????? The PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY, in direct collaboration, i.e. IN CAHOOTS, with the United States government’s own Corporate-run FDA!! THAT is EXACTLY whom YOU are getting 100% of your LIES. DIG FURTHER and PLEASE get an EDUCATION. LIES, Manufactured and shovel-fed to IDIOT-AMERICA.

david Christina Marlowe • 20 hours ago
WOW definitely you are worse than the Dumpster. You are frighteningly wrong, stupid and ignorant not just wrong like dumpster

Christina Marlowe david • 17 hours ago
No. It is actually YOU who is “FRIGHTENINGLY WRONG.”

Brian Christina Marlowe • 2 days ago
You should probably use more CAPZLOK!!1! if you want to be taken seriously /sarc

But really, are you unaware that this topic has been studied ad nauseum, and contrary to your conspiracy theories, most of the studies are not funded to pharmaceutical companies. They’ve been conducted by independent organizations all over the world. If you really think that all doctors, scientists, mathematicians, historians, statisticians, epidemiologists, etc., are all conspiring against you, then it says more about you than them.

MacGyvergirl Brian • a day ago
google the dead scientist list…that explains quite a bit….

Christina Marlowe Brian • 2 days ago
“Studied Ad Nauseum” is NOT EQUAL TO getting one’s information from the same exact Pharmaceutical Corporations that are profiting from the sales of these vaccines. Conflict of Interest and countless other systemic failure in your very laughable “argument.”


“Studied Ad Nauseum” is ACTUALLY when one gets ALL information from ALL SOURCES, not just CORPORATE PAID SOURCES; And then ALL INFORMATION is evaluated, critiqued by multiple numerous OTHER-schooled sources that, and this part is IMPERATIVE, these other sources DO NOT PROFIT from the sales of these Vaccines.

All Results are VERIFIABLE for ALL TO SEE in the LIGHT OF DAY.

Now then, a “THEORY” is…and this is very easy to look up… But I sense that you’re challenged in ways that you are not aware…HERE is the definition of “Theory:”


theory |ˈTHirē|

noun (pl. theories)

a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained: Darwin’s theory of evolution.

• a set of principles on which the practice of an activity is based: a theory of education | music theory.

• an idea used to account for a situation or justify a course of action: my theory would be that the place has been seriously mismanaged.

• Mathematics a collection of propositions to illustrate the principles of a subject.


And HERE is from a Thesaurus:



1 I reckon that confirms my theory: hypothesis, thesis, conjecture, supposition, speculation, postulation, postulate, proposition, premise, surmise, assumption, presupposition; opinion, view, belief, contention.

2 modern economic theory: principles, ideas, concepts; philosophy, ideology, system of ideas, science.


in theory

in theory, your idea sounds great, but can it be practically applied? in principle, on paper, in the abstract, all things being equal, in an ideal world; hypothetically, theoretically, supposedly.Christina M.

in theory

used in describing what is supposed to happen or be possible, usually with the implication that it does not in fact happen: in theory, things can only get better; in practice, they may well become a lot worse.


late 16th cent. (denoting a mental scheme of something to be done): via late Latin from Greek theōria ‘contemplation, speculation,’ from theōros ‘spectator.’

Christina Marlowe Brian • 2 days ago
Your sources, each and every one of them, are ALL LIES; These very LIES are ALL 100% BOUGHT AND PAID FOR by the VASTLY PROFITABLE Pharmaceutical Industry, IN DIRECT COLLABORATION with OUR OWN FDA Agency… in OUR own GOVERNMENT!! You’d better KNOW THIS!!!!

Brian Christina Marlowe • 2 days ago
Are the Italians bought and paid for by the FDA?
What about the Japanese?

Your posts make no sense.

Christina Marlowe Brian • 2 days ago
My posts “make no sense” to you precisely because you know absolutely nothing, at all it seems, on any topic whatsoever.
So, which portion exactly are you having difficulty comprehending, little one?

Christina Marlowe Brian • 2 days ago
Please think…FOR ONCE!!

Brian Christina Marlowe • a day ago
Conspiracies conspiracies!

If you’re right, why on earth are you posting on the internet! That’s how they find you!

Christina Marlowe Brian • a day ago
“IF I am Right?” YOU will lose EVERYTHING.
And “WHY am I writing…On the internet?” THAT is where real people get information.
“That’s how they find you?” So what? You’re next.
Since apparently you have no brain, do you at least have a SPINE?

david Brian • 20 hours ago
Stop poking stupid it just keeps stupid typing

Christina Marlowe Brian • 2 days ago
Tsk, tsk…

Really, I mean it.

MacGyvergirl Brian • a day ago
you don’t know shit…so please go talk to your comrades that believe you.

MacGyvergirl Christina Marlowe • a day ago
i think you missed Deapsters point…but then again…i am only half way through my coffee.

Christina Marlowe MacGyvergirl • a day ago
This “Deapster” character is 1. Always 100% WRONG; 2. Always more than a bit Nasty, 3. Stupid, ARROGANT and Appalling, really. Therefore, I have no respect nor any mercy for dumb, empty shells that spread LIES.

MacGyvergirl Christina Marlowe • 18 hours ago
now that i have lived long enough to understand the truth…and have been on the brainwashed side in the past…and thank the universe…presently on the awakened side…(and trying to convince people of the truth)…i see it is perception….perception…and the ability to open ones mind…or the inability!! it is what keeps us from seeing the truth…. take Hillary for example…the woman is a crook, a murderer, a liar and she should be in jail for her classified email debacle…but the sheeple are standing behind her…makes me scratch my head…to me it is obvious what a horrible, horrible human she is…but…

Christina Marlowe MacGyvergirl • 17 hours ago
We’re screwed unless we can wake ’em up…

Christina Marlowe MacGyvergirl • 16 hours ago
Dear MacGG,
Please Research CIA Programs of Mass Mind Control, Brainwashing; E.g. MK Ultra and Project Paperclip, when America brought ALL the Nazi doctors, scientists, Dr. Mengele et al to USA and the CIA employed them;
Research CIA Mind Control Programs that are very sophisticated…Project Pandora, Project Artichoke, et al, all CIA TAX-PAYER-FUNDED Programs of hum,an experimentation, torture, etc., etc., etc. Also SEE CIA COINTELPRO.
Research thoroughly the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission; Bilderberg Group; Rothschilds, Rockefellers; Freemasons, Illuminati…AD NAUSEUM.

MacGyvergirl Christina Marlowe • 13 hours ago
i already have…once i realized the government is completely on board with poisoning our food with GMOs…that opened my mind and i have been traveling down the rabbit hole ever since…and don’t forget the chemtrails/geoengineering…we live an insane world…the info is all there documented and people still don’t believe it!

Christina Marlowe MacGyvergirl • 2 hours ago
Thanks so much. YES, then you KNOW.

Christina Marlowe MacGyvergirl • an hour ago
And I MUST say that I’ve lived here in Santa Barbara for the past 30 years and NEVER have I seen a STUPIDER population of people!! This population is SO INCREDIBLY DUMB and SO SMALL and NASTY in their WILLFUL IGNORANCE, that they make all the natural beauty of Santa Barbara null and VOID.


5 thoughts on “Forced Vaccines: The Santa Barbara, California IDIOT FORUM (July 30th 2016)

  1. Komar Tosiz says:

    Christina… you are arguing with a person that is getting check from the government. There is no way he could be so stupid.


    • MESSAGE:



      Biblical Numerology Predicts Trump Will Usher in Messiah
      By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz May 16, 2016 , 1:30 pm
      “They have set up kings but not from Me they have made princes and I knew it not; of their silver and their gold have they made them idols that they may be cut off.” Hosea 8:4 (The Israel Bible™)

      Donald Trump (L) and Hillary Clinton (R). (Photo: Breaking Israel News)

      Gematria, or Hebrew numerology, is an esoteric device used by rabbis for revealing hidden meaning in the Bible. When applied to the US presidential candidates, the results are absolutely shocking and carry serious implications about the role of the upcoming election in the imminent Messianic era.

      Joe Gallis and Dr. Robert Wolf lectured and wrote for almost two decades on Torah-related topics. One of their specialties was using Gematria to understand current events. In 2009, after Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic primaries to Barack Obama, they predicted on their blog, Redemption 5768, that her influence on Israel and the Messianic process was far from over. They used the numerology of her name to come to this remarkable conclusion.

      Gallis and Wolf calculated that Hillary (הילרי), Rodham (רודהם), and Clinton (קלינטון) each equal 255. The word for a female from the nation of Amalek (עמלקיה) is also 255. Amalek is the archetypical evil that Israel is commanded to oppose anywhere and at any time.

      The total of all three of her names is 765 (255 x 3), which is the same value as עת צרה (“time of terrible distress”). The term עת צרה comes from the Book of Daniel, which describes the time when Michael, the guardian angel of Israel, will stand in defense of his people at a time of catastrophe.

      “And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince who standeth for the children of thy people; and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since… “(Daniel 12:1)

      Hillary Rodham Clinton is also the Gematria of כַּלָּה בַּחֲמֹתָהּ (daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law), which is seen in a verse in Micah.

      “For the son dishonoureth the father the daughter riseth up against her mother the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; a man’s enemies are the men of his own house.” (Micah 7:6)

      Hillary Clinton has frequently been quoted in the media saying harsh and demeaning things about her deceased mother-in-law, even blaming her abuse for Bill Clinton’s infidelity. Her connection with the verse hints at negative family values in general.

      The Torah website Yeranen Yaakov points out that the gematria of Donald Trump (דונלד טראמפ) is 424, or 212 x 2. The gematria of Bernie Sanders (ברני סנדרס) is 636, or 212 x 3. Yeranen Yaakov quotes the Ben Ish Chai, an authority on Jewish law and master Kabbalist who lived in Baghdad 150 years ago. The Ben Ish Chai interpreted the number 212 as a difficult time for Israel before the Final Redemption.

      “There are 212 hours in the first 9 days of Av (the eleventh month in the Jewish calendar) that are meant to be bad for the Jewish people,” Yeranen Yaakov wrote. “Although the 9 days contain 216 hours, the final 4 hours of Tisha B’Av (the ninth of Av) are sweetened since that is when Messiah is to be born.”

      Yeranen Yaakov interprets this to meant that a Donald Trump (424) presidency will be doubly bad for the Jewish people, while a Bernie Sanders (636) presidency will be triply bad for the Jewish people. But in either case, the dark period is the anticipated necessary step immediately preceding the Messiah.

      It is also remarkable to note that Donald Trump (424) is the Gematria of “Messiah for the House of David” (משיח בן דוד). That is not to say that Donald Trump is the Messiah, but that his presidency will usher in the Messianic era.

      The numerology of Trump’s name also points to one of his traits that has been especially problematic. 424 is the equivalent of כְּמוֹ-נָחָשׁ (like a snake), which is a referred to in Psalms.

      They have sharpened their tongue like a serpent; vipers’ venom is under their lips. (Psalms 140:4)

      Though Bernie Sanders no longer seems to be a viable candidate, the Gematria of his name (636) also hints at one of his character traits. It is equal to וַיֵּלְכוּ אַחֲרֵי אֱלֹהִים אֲחֵרִים (“And they went after other gods”), as written in Jeremiah:

      Then shalt thou say unto them: “Because your fathers have forsaken Me, saith the LORD, and have walked after other gods, and have served them, and have worshipped them, and have forsaken Me, and have not kept My law.” (Jeremiah 16:11)

      It has been noted that despite being Jewish, Sanders was perhaps the candidate least supportive of Israel.

      Gematria is not an exact science; it is famously open to interpretation. However, it is a widely used and generally accepted system of understanding the hidden meaning and layers of the word of God as written in the Hebrew Bible. It is studied and taught by a multitude of major rabbis and Jewish thinkers. It has been a part of Biblical interpretation, with examples in the Mishna (the oral law) dating from the first century, and in later times became the realm of Kabbalists. While Gematria cannot predict the outcome of the upcoming elections, there is no question that the Bible has something to say about our modern world.

      Christina M.


    • It is for the benefit of any who benefit.




    • BTW! THIS is what “they” are teaching OUR PEOPLE!!!! GEneration after generation.


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