Please do not think for a second that the United States, or the EU countries or the UK for that matter, is at all “ours” in which to cast a vote in the first place;
A full-spectrum corporate coup d’etat has long ago been achieved and thoroughly.
We are living in absolute and utter lawlessness and the exact relentless violence ands chaos ensues, that very violence and chaos which they themselves, through their many terrorist agencies, such as the CIA, MI5, etc., etc., etc., do actively and intentionally create again and again this terror; And do incessantly and deliberately foment such violence and chaos to keep the people in constant FEAR; These are common torture tactics and it’s a constant state of shell shock.

So!!! There are no “negotiations” to be had…Nor will there be any “VOTES” to CAST!!

Hillary Clinton will be the next President, just watch and see.

This U.S. government I shall not, will not and do not recognize as legal or legitimate;
In fact and IN DEED this U.S. government has been the most enormous FRAUD that has ever been perpetrated on any people in history that I know.
This U.S. government is 100% ILLEGAL, as per the U.S. Constitution, which burns in broad daylight on a funeral pyre for all to see IF ONLY they’d LOOK.
As such, there is no legitimate or legal entity with which we would “negotiate” or VOTE. However, WE the PEOPLE MUST WIN–NO MATTER WHAT.CM
Thus, since this government does NOT represent US at all, news coverage may actually be more informative, rather than focusing on the “Presidential” IDIOTS,
All identical selfsame narcissistic corporate marionette puppets, pimps, and whores;

Rather, please delve into the following critical issues:

The September 11th 2001 Coup d’etat;
The so-called New World Order and the United Nations’ respective Role;
The Council On Foreign Relations and all respective members;
Trilateral Commission and all respective members
Bilderberg Group and all respective members
Rothschilds and Rockefellers, particularly vis-a-vis the global monetary system and the Federal Reserve;
Freemasonry and the so-called Illuminati;
Secret Societies such as Skull and Bones at Yale and Princeton, et al; Cecil B. Rhodes, Fulbright, Carrol Quigley et al;

Also, thoroughly research mass Mind Control, mass Brainwashing;

CIA, COINTELPRO; Multiple Governmental criminal and Terrorist agencies
CIA MK Ultra Sophisticated Mind Control Programming;
Specific Brainwashing Techniques and [experimental] Mind Control Programs heavily adopted under Nazi Dr. Mengele & Company, and then brought and continued on in The United Sates under the CIA Program, Project Paperclip
SEE: Project Artichoke, Project Pandora; AD NAUSEUM
Additionally, the failure of the American people to Recognize, Realize, to even momentarily Acknowledge this full spectrum corporate coup d’etat, the corporate-state, IS the American Way. Total Ignorance. Total Hypocrisy. Total Injustice. This IS the American Way.

I disagree with any and all forms of corporate governance.

I disagree with American Imperialism.

I disagree with American Aggression, American Invasions and American Occupations.

I disagree with WAR; And, further, I disagree with All Instruments used for War.

The Corporate-controlled Media; the outright Propaganda Campaigns, all of which are designed to thoroughly obfuscate any Truth; any knowledge, Any awareness of the so-called Leaders’ actual policies and Laws that have been passed behind the backs of nearly all US citizens. Laws designed to ensure…Profit.

I despise Trickery in all forms; U.S. Government Propaganda is Nothing but Outright Lies and Total Deceit; Treachery and Treason; Bribery and Extortion; Theft and Fraud; Hypocrisy and MORE LIES. And More WAR.

I disagree with the vast network of other U.S. Tools used, such as the IMF and the World Bank; All Tools designed, formed and implemented SOLELY to impudently STEAL the resources of other presumably sovereign nations.

I disagree with any government that so blatantly represents the War Interests, Banking Interests, Corporate Interests and the appalling and ghastly wealth therein;

I disagree with Any Person, Any Group of Persons; Any who Represent Interests Above, Over, and in direct Opposition to the interests of the Common Good, ALL the people; “We the People,” the Tax-paying citizens of the United States; The Un-Represented; The Under-represented. That’s US indeed.

It is simply criminal and totally contemptible how any government “employees” are conducting themselves. And let us remember the fact that these “employees” are there ONLY to represent OUR interests; The interests of the Common Good; The interests of the United States’ Citizenry. The TAXPAYERS..

These government agencies and the elected workers within them are decidedly NOT elected to be mere props who LIE to the citizens. And who represent, de facto, the Corporate interests.

It is MOST egregious, indeed, that ANY government would represent, to the point of collaboration, Wealthy Corporations directly at the Enormous expense {THEFT] of the average U.S. Citizen, not to mention the poor, the needy, the elderly, the working-poor, the disabled and the obliterated Middle-Class-Cum-Slave-Class.

The facts, however, remain. The sole function, the Raison D’être, for every form of government is to represent the common interest of the electorate. Therefore, it is indeed AMORAL and utterly unconscionable what government “officials” are in FACT doing to…WE THE PEOPLE, the very ones who’ve apparently been naive enough to have entrusted these “people” in OUR Government to “DO THE RIGHT THING.”

America is in no way, shape or form “civilized;” America is One Gigantic, Laughable LIE and I will no longer support or endorse such a disgracefully corrupt and decidedly Callous, Blind, and Racist [joke of a] government.

My solution is as follows, but requires action of all citizens:

1. Stop paying All taxes: Local, State, Federal
2. Stop paying All Bank Debt
3. Stop paying All “Insurance” companies, especially “Health care Insurance,” the biggest SCAM in history
4. Withdraw All Monies from Insolvent Banks
5. Stop working for slave-wages

In fact, here is an old sample letter to government representatives stating intent:

Letter to Representative Lois Capps, D-CA

Ms. Capps, You are included in the following statement, by your abject incompetence; your total refusal to address the systemic failure of this government; and your total and willful ignorance of any and all real issues, along with your continued insistence on focusing instead on trifling, insignificant non-issues.

Thus, Ms. Capps, you are very much a part of the problem:

It is abundantly clear that the U.S. government, including the entire Congress, the entire “Judicial” system, and all other government agencies that clearly do not represent “We the People.” In fact, the U.S. government is wholly owned, lock, stock and barrel, by the Corporations, in cahoots with the Banks and the Wall Street Quislings, that have enthroned themselves to UnChecked POWER. This is known as Corporatism. Look it up for yourselves.

I am, therefore, calling for all of you, each and every other member of each and every branch of this horribly failing government; I am calling on YOU to remove yourselves at once, unceremoniously and without protest, from your career seats of total DISGRACE and thorough INJUSTICE.


A Bit On Brainwashing:

Brainwashing through Propaganda uses fear tactics; Communism, Socialism, Terrorism; We are all force-fed outright LIES from the cradle to the grave.

I think that the most apt term is Brainwashed. Yes, brainwashing has been used throughout the ages via a myriad of tactics; One is Patriotism, Nationalism; Being taught that America (or which ever country) is Great, Superior; Also, it builds a military that won’t ask questions as they are deluded into thinking that they are Patriots and Heroes.

By the way, off topic but still a fact is that, regarding the Boston Bombings and any other act of violence, including shooting sprees in schools or anywhere else, Specifically regarding the Empire of the United States, the questions in my mind are as follows:

What creates such violent acts and hatred toward America and Americans? What turns people anywhere toward Radicalization/Fundamentalism? As I observe, it is U.S. policies, both domestic and foreign. Examples? Countless. E.g. Imposing Oppression and Dominance through sheer brute force; Constant Invasions and Constant War in “strategic” countries, i.e. OIL, for one; Impudent Theft, Plunder, i.e. Stealing, other nation’s resources, using tools such as the World Bank, IMF for extraction; And, by the way, the leaders of these countries who won’t go with the U.S. program are simply overthrown or, um, Assassinated.

So, it is indeed U.S. foreign policies that are both directly and indirectly responsible for attacks on the United States. U.S. Policies incentivize war and the Military Industrial Complex is entrenched and massively profitable.

As for U.S. Domestic policies, all which increasingly say “to hell with the people,” i.e. US, do in fact lead directly to Ignorance, Hopelessness, Poverty, and many other societal ills, all of which in turn, lead to violence, crime, including the epidemic shootings, and many other acts of violent by both American citizens and foreigners.

As a matter of fact, more “Austerity” measures, if the “officials” are serious about these tactics, will, of course lead directly to much more crime, more violence, more horrible acts of desperation; All of which leads me to believe that the Powers that Be are systematically and deliberately engineering mass genocide. As if to say, let them all DIE OFF, whether in the ghettos, on the battlefields, in the prison yards, the message is becoming quite clear indeed.

Subject: Fwd: Urgent Letter from a Concerned Citizen…
I am a citizen of arguably one of the most imperialistic nations in history, The United States of America. STOP the war mongering NOW. Pull the Plug on the WAR Profiteers, all of whom should be EXECUTED in a Public Forum for WAR CRIMES. Bring the poor sods who’ve been duped into thinking that they are “Patriotic” “Heroes” home. YOU go fight your OWN filthy, venal and endless wars.

Read an elementary history book; America is constantly in danger of attacks by foreign countries because it is AMERICA that reaches it’s filthy tentacles around the globe, impudently stealing other countries’ resources, literally enslaving and Repeatedly RAPING the people; All whilst forcing it’s vile form of dictatorship and twisted, loathsome and hypocritical “values,” onto innocent victims everywhere on this godforsaken planet. And in the name of “DEMOCRACY.” What a FARCE.

By the way, thanks to YOUR OWN Foreign Policies, you walleyed, deranged, fanatical lunatics and your pals in the Saudi House in the Middle East really did win!! All you filthy dirtbags sought to destroy this country and you did it!!

So!! U.S. foreign policy POSITIVELY incentivizes all your ghastly Wars; And the very Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned AGAINST is entrenched and massively profitable. The United States (YOU) are NOT an innocent VICTIM!

Indeed, all of you bastard-billionaire and bastard-Trillionaire buffoons, you and all your idiot-buddies who bankroll you, have willfully and intentionally squandered every single DECENT thing that has been fought for in the last 100 years. Fuckers.

How can a WAR-MONGERING country, the UNITED STATES, expect to keep on spreading it’s pathological LIES all across the entire world without any protest?!? Well, thanks largely to America’s astonishingly ignorant, wildly misinformed, downright stupid, self-righteous, sanctimonious, voting base, it’s really no wonder; Just like Pavlov’s dog, “Patriotic” [delusional] fools keep right on electing Psychopaths into the seats of POWER. Decade after decade.

The United States of America has been ultimately over-reaching it’s filthy, greedy, witless and stunningly shortsighted tentacles all over the globe by ANY MEANS NECESSARY, usually by way of UNENDING QUAGMIRES in the most UNSTABLE parts of the world for total extraction (STEALING) of any resource possible in order to satiate America’s insatiable appetite for so-called GREATNESS. Well, Oscar Wilde wrote, “Patriotism is a Virtue of the Vicious.” And Winston Churchill said, “The best argument AGAINST Democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” They were both right.

The fact of the matter is that America, Land of the FREE, Land of OPPORTUNITY; What a JOKE. The FACT is that America ranks at the VERY BOTTOM of every imaginable demographic chart, Well below every other “developed” country in the world. America is now on par with Cameroon, Uganda, the Ivory Coast of Africa in Wealth and income INEQUALITY. Welcome to America!! Thanks a lot, morons.

Furthermore, you in this reprehensible and thoroughly criminal Kleptocratic government repeatedly and emphatically state that you do not want people, no matter their circumstance, dependent on the government; Dependent on the government for health care, dependent on the government for food, dependent on the government, period. You are self-proclaimed “rugged, pull-yourselves-up-by-the-bootstraps Individualists;” Freedom Fighters; “Liberty Patriots,” etc., etc, etc.So!! Is it really that you do not Realize that indeed it is You yourselves who are totally reliant, yes, Dependent–on the very government in which you publicly denounce? Yes, It is You government Hacks that spend every worthless waking hour campaigning to get right back on the Dole, all funded by US, the free-loading TAX PAYERS. I mean, really. Just admit it. You clamor endlessly to get your own free rides, just as you Deny all other, um, constituents, any and all benefits that you yourselves benefit.

Yes, you worse-than-useless parasites do enjoy mightily all your tax-payer funded lifetime health care benefits, limousines, fancy restaurants. living in your very own self-involved, self-centered and thoroughly Spoilt World of Utter Disgrace and Total Failure.

Indeed, You yourselves in this miserably failing government enjoy full, lifetime health care along with endless other benefits, all on the taxpayers dime, right as you continually fight to deny your own constituents, your own fellow citizens, the very so-called entitlements that which you yourselves benefit. How dare you!And so, to you I say this:I propose a simple and straightforward bit of legislation to be given to the citizens of the United States as a REFERENDUM vote:Retract entirely every single benefit that you hypocritical parasites in our miserably failing government, every benefit that you all enjoy on OUR, the taxpayers’, hard-earned dime.

First, No more free health care. And then you corrupt, mean-spirited and unconscionable government HUMPS would all have to do just as WE ALL MUST DO: buy grossly inflated, anti-American, inhumane for-profit health care “insurance,” (one of the biggest SCAMS in history) that covers nothing at all just when you need coverage most; and then, when one of you filthy, horrible Republicans or “Blue-Dog” Democrats gets sick and is denied coverage, let the insurance company CEO immediately and unceremoniously pull the plug.

Then, I myself will form a very long line of the wretched and the doomed, right up to the doorways and into your grand offices; And, THEN, please sirs, allow ME Personally to yank you forcibly out of those Grand offices, right by your well-coiffed hair, and straight out to the squalid streets of WE the PEOPLE; And then YOU can Fend for Yourselves…


The entire SLAVE-based economy is, in FACT, the political structure itself. Indeed the entire economy of the world has been and still is deliberately engineered by the very few men in and of the real POWER STRUCTURE. These very few shadowy figures, i.e. the Trillionaires, the Robber Barons, the Tycoons (take your pick) have been from the very inception of controlled human societies and communities, in Control. It is THOSE people who have been and still are pulling ALL THE STRINGS of the mere Puppets in this OSTENSIBLE government (Look Up “Ostensible”).

The main difference between slavery then and slavery now, is that NOW, after centuries of destructive pillaging and ruinous plundering of the entire planet, the main difference is that those few men whom are still in cahoots and “controlling” the people, the governments, etc., are thoroughly capable of committing mass Genocide; Indeed, it has become quite apparent that now we are all headed straight toward the edge of the Abyss at their command; And Engineered genocide is a clever and historic tactic; And that works too. They’ve been doing it all throughout history. Whether by Guns, Drugs, Prisons, Wars; You name it!! The main goal is very clear: Let “them” kill each other and themselves, on the battlefield, in the ghettos, in the many privately-owned, For-Profit Prisons, etc., The message is clear: Let them ALL simply DIE OFF.

And further, I blame people for sheer and stubborn stupidity. Rather than seeking actual facts, most humans willfully choose to believe ENDLESS LIES and stupid fairy tales. People, as a rule HATE FACTS. Of course, on the most fundamentally impervious and horribly pervasive levels, Absolute Stupidity has morphed into a VIRTUE in America!! And it’s a Stupidity that is so base, so wide-reaching, that the destruction is total now. We’ve now reached the point of NO Return.

SO!! PLEASE KNOW: These “elections” are NOTHING BUT a FARCE.

By the way, HERE is MY PETITION:

The United States government officials and those within it’s many taxpayer-funded government agencies are actively engaged in criminal conspiracy and collusion with multiple private corporations; These entities have been actively engaged in War Crimes, Bank Fraud, Embezzlement, Profiteering, Larceny, Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering; Genocide; Treason.

Many of these United States’ government officials, both elected and unelected, have broken very serious U. S. and International laws; Laws written specifically in the U.S. Constitution; Laws in which each of these officials have sworn to uphold. This is Treason.

The United States of America and it’s many agencies’ government officials, both elected and unelected, have actively and deliberately been deceiving the American citizenry for decades; The U.S. government spokespersons and agency quislings do actively spread outright lies and deliberate misinformation; The U.S. government has been doing so for decades, particularly by an apparently highly contemplated and systematic use of corporate-controlled Mass Media, which is itself responsible for spreading Propaganda confabulated by some within the United States government and with a very specific purpose: To conceal multiple serious crimes.

The C.I.A., the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency, is a U. S. Taxpayer-funded government-sponsored Terrorist Organization that has been actively engaged in war crimes, treachery, treason, multiple foreign and domestic coups d’etat, multiple domestic and foreign assassinations, and countless myriad other strictly illegal and highly nefarious activities, many [illegal] acts conducted in total secrecy and without the knowledge nor the consent of the Taxpaying citizens of the United States.

We the People of the United States do hereby demand full accountability from each of our government officials; We demand full and rigorous investigations and thorough prosecutions, whether in a newly-formed newly-instituted U.S. Court of Law or in an International Tribunal; And, finally, We the People of the United States of America do hereby demand full retribution paid by those whom are found guilty of their crimes in the form of severe punitive measures and full global reparations for all citizens of the United States and all affected citizens of the world.
…Because Facts are Hard, Truth is Elusive, And Everything Else is A Lie…


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