Our United States government HACKS?? Why, they are nothing but SATANIC DIRTBAGS, LYING FILTH and EVIL SCUM

Our dear government is truly expert on controlling the masses through many sadistic techniques of mind control and brainwashing. [MK Ultra] Trauma-based mind control combined with constant the constant blather and hum of LIES and propaganda,  through every conceivable form of media,  from cradle to grave;  Our dear government has sought and still does seek to create eternal horrible division, blind hatred, violent chaos, grinding poverty and disease, death and suffering…In a few words, HELL ON EARTH.  SUCCESS!!

“SUCCESS” for “THEM” is what we all see today…

SO, DEARS!!  Keep looking deeper and further and farther…Keep on digging straight to the very edge of the godforsaken abyss and it is there that you will find exactly WHO “rules” over us all…AND READ TRUE HISTORY!!

And finally at last you’ll see that every last one of “these” filthy little “rulers” is IN FACT a Sadistic Pedophile, a Filthy Cannibal, all are involved in Satanic Ritual abuse of Children, Child Sex Trafficking and Ritual Satanic Blood Sacrifices (That’s murder)…ALL OF THEM are INVOLVED.  ALL OF THEM ARE LUCIFERIANS, i.e. SATANISTS, i.e. Devil Worshippers.

And if you don’t like the TRUTH and FACTS, don’t go blaming me.

HA!! I’ve been personally closely observing and digging down into the many disgusting, perverted, twisted rabbit holes for nearly 50 years, my life on earth.  The fact is that these degenerate dirtbags that run our entire world are ALL sick, twisted, perverted,  EVIL PSYCHOPATHS who WORSHIP THE DEVIL!!  Not one of these little F_CKS gets a pass.CM


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