RE-POST [2014] Recent Conversation… with an American Citizen



Christina Marlowe • 4 days ago
I wonder how many of us are aware of the many ways in which the [very] wealthy enrich themselves…Exponentially? First, any action or, conversely, any inaction, Can be used, therefore IS used, as a tax write-off. Losses? Tax write-offs. Some, um, “entrepreneurs” (“Corporate Persons”) actually enjoy buying properties/businesses with the full Intention to FAIL. Why? Well…They make Huge profits…Without paying taxes!! Many raise money from Investors; they then Purchase business/property; they then Run it into the ground to fail it asap; Then they File for full Bankruptcy Protection…Then they can sell property/business off; OR they can sit on it for decades…All the while, using it as a loss, a tax write off. Many ways to cook a goose, but the name of the game is TAX AVOIDANCE.
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AN50 Christina Marlowe • 3 days ago
I don’t know what your point…

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