A Letter to the Santa Barbara Local Departments of Government: The HACKS, STOOGES and FLUNKIES…(REPOST)

March 16, 2016
A Letter to the Santa Barbara Local Departments of Government:

You wretched little workers FAIL TOTALLY in every way imaginable.
You FAIL repeatedly, year after year.
You FAIL continuously in every single aspect.
YET!!! Amidst this complete and utter FAILURE…NO ONE EVER LOSES THEIR JOBS!!!! JACKA$$ES.

So…YOU ARE ALL FIRED!!! GET THE HELL OUT!!!! And GIVE ME and the other screwed taxpayers ALL of our HARD-EARNED MONEY BACK, you stupid worthless dregs.

I’ll bet you actually have the NERVE and are really stupid enough to actually think that “this” is somehow…acceptable? Tolerable? TO FAIL Miserably; To FAIL YEAR AFTER YEAR; To FAIL and RUIN every godforsaken program that you TOUCH?? YET NO ONE EVER LOSES THEIR JOB?????

You are LEECHES and PARASITES, the whole rotten lot of you!! You should return your ill-gotten gains to the poor working and taxed people, the ones who actually produce VALUE in our society!! IN FACT, YOU HACKS RUIN EVERYTHING YOU CAN GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS ON.

So!! “This” is really working VERY WELL for “We the People,” the TAXPAYERS…You know, US, the ones who, time and time again, end up FOOTING EVERY LAST ONE OF YOUR ENORMOUS, WASTEFUL BILLS/DEBT!!! Running this unsustainable heavy bureaucratic CORPORATION, Santa Barbara, INC. straight into the DIRT again and again. HOW DARE YOU IGNORANT PEOPLE?!??!

Not ONE of you “people” can or shall be trusted AT ALL to run ANYTHING… let alone my or other peoples’ important affairs!!

No Question about it. YES YOU ARE!!!

Christina Marlowe


Christina M.



INVESTIGATION: Three days before Dr. Bradstreet was found dead in a river, U.S. govt. agents raided his research facility to seize a breakthrough cancer treatment called GcMAF

(NaturalNews) The history of the suppression of medical science in America is a long one, filled with true accounts of pioneering doctors and clinicians being threatened, intimidated and even assassinated in order to bury emerging cures and keep the “sick care” industry in control. (The American Medical Association, for example, has been found guilty by the U.S. federal courts of a conspiracy to destroy the chiropractic industry, by the way.)

Over the last few days, we’ve learned that before being found shot in the chest and floating in the river, pioneering medical researcher Dr. Bradstreet was working with a little-known molecule that occurs naturally in the human body. Called, “GcMAF”, this molecule has the potential to be a universal cancer cure for many people. It has also been shown to reverse signs of autism in the vast majority of patients receiving the treatment.

While GcMAF is perfectly legal as a treatment in dozens of advanced nations around the world, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has outlawed it, calling it an “unapproved drug.” It is with this designation — an effort to suppress the forward progress of medical science — that the U.S. government conducted a raid on Dr. Bradstreet’s clinic, specifically seeking to confiscate GcMAF in order to shut down his research and halt his treatment of patients. Meanwhile, Big Pharma gets special permission to unleash untested, experimental drugs on the public as long as those drugs earn sufficient profits.

In this article, I summarize the videos, articles and documents covering GcMAF and the mysterious death of Dr. Bradstreet. An exhaustive investigation needs to be pursued on this matter, possibly involving private investigators. The timing and manner of Dr. Bradstreet’s death seems highly suspicious, especially in light of the many other holistic doctors who have recently been found dead under mysterious circumstances. (Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez died just days ago…)

Motive to murder medical researchers and suppress a promising cancer treatment breakthrough

Is there a motive for the murder of pioneering cancer researchers working on a possible universal cancer cure? Of course there is… it’s the most common motive in the world: MONEY.

A universal cancer cure would destroy the profitability of the highly lucrative cancer industry and collapse the American Cancer Society, hospitals, oncology clinics and pharmaceutical companies that depend on chemotherapy revenues to stay profitable. Key to their profitability is the inescapable fact that conventional cancer treatments simply don’t work most of the time, creating a reliable profit stream of repeat business from patients who are never cured (by design).

Would the cancer industry murder doctors to protect its profits? Of course it would. The industry kills patients as a routine part of its business operations! For example, an oncologist named Farid Fata was recently sentenced to 56 years in prison for falsely diagnosing patients with cancer so that he could sell them chemotherapy treatments they didn’t need. See the article Cancer doctors ‘fess up to making false diagnoses just to make more money.

Click here to search for “cancer false diagnosis” at GoodGopher.com, the search engine for truth seekers.

INVESTIGATION: Here’s what we know so far

Multiple hat tips to all the outstanding citizen journalists, video creators and bloggers who have created…”