Idiot-America has after all been brainwashed and dumbed down from cradle to grave, knowingly and intentionally and they have been conditioned and force-fed outright lies and incredible propaganda since those very few self-proclaimed “Ruling Elite” invaded and hijacked the nation and decided, out of perverted depravity,  astonishing wickedness and total EVIL, that American society would be much easier to “control” if it was significantly stupidified. HUGE Success for THEM is EXACTLY what we all see today!!

The process of mass mind control (SEE Edward Bernays’ PROPAGANDA;  Goebbels et al) has always used tactics such as the classic divide and conquer and a myriad of other highly useful and astonishingly successful brainwashing instruments, ALL LIES,  to keep people so insanely stupid that they can no longer even think for themselves with their own brains.

So, the blue print for America at it’s very inception, once the Rothschilds cinched the banker deals with the traitors in America, the so-called ruling elite proceeded to “school” Americans straight into VIRULENT and GENERATIONAL STUPIDITY using ALL forms of mass mind control and brainwashing techniques.

THAT STUPIDITY is not likely to reverse course…Unless and until everyone realizes AT ONCE that they’ve been thoroughly duped and that America itself and indeed the entire WORLD is, in fact, one gigantic pack of LIES.


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