OH!! By the way…

You can’t kill ME.


2 thoughts on “OH!! By the way…

  1. USA Corporation Nation.


  2. landscape108 says:


    For years I have warned many times, as to the set up of the City/County management system. The cost of exposing this sort of imposed imported political machinery is of native origin. The cost was approximately $9000. Having met with every top official in a particular City/County network; charts and graphs were backed-up nothing but the truth. No local attorney nor out of state lawyer would touch on the exposure among a nest of political gangsters. Hell hath no greater fury, than to have some corrupt political operation exposed. I still maintain that this so-called assortment of spoon-fed masters of criminality, act upon the principles as sat fourth and mandated through the Communist Party USA.
    This national movement is falling in line with fellow travelers within all fifty-states. This movement is the cancer trolling through the minds of ignorant tax-payers nationwide. Through unregulated property taxes the middle-class is doomed. The property accumulated is sold to China and Middle Eastern states. This ruling class of maggots operate the tourist industry nationwide. Tax, tax, tax—-and a nation falls by the wayside. Even a superior Court Judge would listen to me. But………..his hands were tied; but he is an honest man.

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