A Letter to the United States War Department…

A Letter to the United States War Department:

I am a citizen of arguably one of the most imperialistic nations in history, The United States of America. STOP the war mongering NOW. Pull the Plug on the WAR Profiteers, all of whom should be EXECUTED in a Public Forum for WAR CRIMES. Bring the poor sods who’ve been duped into thinking that they are “Patriotic” “Heroes” home. YOU go fight your OWN filthy, venal and endless wars.

Read an elementary history book; America is constantly in danger of attacks by foreign countries because it is AMERICA that reaches it’s filthy tentacles around the globe, impudently stealing other countries’ resources, literally enslaving and Repeatedly RAPING the people; All whilst forcing it’s vile form of dictatorship and twisted, loathsome and hypocritical “values,” onto innocent victims everywhere on this godforsaken planet. And in the name of “DEMOCRACY.” What a FARCE.

By the way, thanks to YOUR OWN Foreign Policies, the walleyed, deranged, fanatical lunatics of the Middle East really did win!! Those filthy dirtbags sought to destroy this godforsaken country and they did it!! But certainly not without the very clear encouragement and the explicit goading of the U.S. government, each and every step of the way.

US foreign policy incentivizes ghastly Wars; And the very Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned AGAINST is entrenched and massively profitable. The United States is NOT an innocent VICTIM; Indeed the low-down bastards that have willfully and intentionally squandered every single DECENT thing that has been fought for in the last 100 years, had been ASKING FOR IT.

How can a WAR-MONGERING country, the UNITED STATES, expect to keep on spreading it’s filthy tentacles all over the entire world without any protest?!? Well, thanks largely to America’s astonishingly ignorant, wildly misinformed, downright stupid, self-righteous, sanctimonious, voting base, it’s really no wonder; Just like Pavlov’s dog, “Patriotic” [delusional] fools keep right on electing Psychopaths into the seats of POWER. Decade after decade.

The United States of America has been ultimately over-reaching it’s filthy, greedy, witless and stunningly shortsighted tentacles all over the globe by ANY MEANS NECESSARY, usually by way of UNENDING QUAGMIRES in the most UNSTABLE parts of the world for total extraction (STEALING) of any resource possible in order to satiate America’s insatiable appetite for so-called GREATNESS. Well, Oscar Wilde wrote, “Patriotism is a Virtue of the Vicious.” And Winston Churchill said, “The best argument AGAINST Democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” They were both right.

The fact of the matter is that America, Land of the FREE, Land of OPPORTUNITY; America ranks at the VERY BOTTOM of every imaginable demographic chart, Well below every other “developed” country in the world. America is now on par with Cameroon, Uganda, the Ivory Coast of Africa.


2 thoughts on “A Letter to the United States War Department…

  1. icmetwo says:

    Wow my thoughts exactly….where have you been my whole life? Seriously the words that you write are in line with my view of this f**ked up country that we live in. I would love to see these scum suckers hung by their balls and or nipples for treason.


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