Another Idiot Proves My Point…

Go ahead, dear, prove my point and prove it to the world:

Today, the vast majority of the voters here in America know absolutely nothing about any subject whatsoever;  the overwhelming majority are totally and jaw-droppingly ignorant.  Total morons with utterly no class.  And I do think that this level of sheer stupidity has become a genetic mutation,  just as have obesity and diabetes.  Reality television shows, for example, have usurped learnedness; knowledge of basic subjects such as history and philosophy has disappeared into a sucking black hole.   Reality television invariably display shameless and curiously proud ignorance and staggering stupidity.  Monetary gain is the carrot,  as the perverted voyeurs delight in watching  profound mental problems, and severe personality disorders unfold in front of cameras for all the world to see.  That is what is left of America.  Interesting experiment:  Just throw a ton of money at the poor white trash and watch the show…

Unfortunately, it is people like you that remind me just how important the PRO-CHOICE (or, in your particular case, the Pro-Abortion) stance remains…if only people would just think a bit before they started to actually breed water-headed children…

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