China’s Modern Day GREAT LEAP FORWARD…Complete With Stunning Photographs!!

China’s Modern Day “Great Leap Forward:”

In an all out, no holds barred Race between the modern day global powers, both those powers that are decaying into oblivion (U.S.) and those powers that are only recently emerging as the so-called Superpowers (China), The “Race” can be defined pretty simply:  Which of the 21st century “Superpowers” can be First to Lead everyone off the CLIFF (once and for all)?

It is clear that China is the new Economic Powerhouse and, thereby is arguably the new mighty Global Leader of nations.  China now leads the way by totally ruinous and hopelessly destructive domestic and foreign policies, all of which lead to total Annihilation.  Whilst vying for first place to kill off all remaining species, including, perhaps most curiously, the Human race itself;  China’s policies indeed lead:  They lead straight off the Ecological cliff; Off the charts and straight to the point of NO RETURN.

China now gets the blue ribbon for it’s own brutal Plundering and Blind Pillaging of every corner of the globe, every last speck of the fragile remnants of planet EARTH.


Simply click on the links below and they will lead directly to Stunning Photographs of The DESTRUCTION of the Entire Planet. 


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