Deregulation and the FIERY PIT that is Now AMERICA…

September 18, 2008
Subject: ON DEREGULATION and the Fiery Pit that is Now America…

Regarding the US economy, Republicans, beginning with Reagan, and
yes, Democrats, including the Clintons, have participated in the
downward spiral of this country obviated by the continuous
dismantling of any anti-trust and anti-monopoly legislation. The
total deregulation of each and every industry such as health care,
transportation, telecommunications, defense, banking, ET AL has
brought us to a total economic downturn bordering on collapse.

These greedy, thieving corporations that run amok along with both
political parties send US jobs all around the world for cheaper labor,
less restrictions, less regulations that act in the interest of
profit and profit alone–i.e. UNREGULATED!!!!

Democrats and Republicans alike have long been
in cahoots with the corporate empires that run completely amok,
without regulation, without accountability and without regard to
anything but their own profits for the top echelons–the very few.

Politicians steer away from the word REGULATION, accepting all monies (payoffs)
from every possible industry–that is how Washington runs. THAT is a
MAJOR PROBLEM and the Clintons worked hand and hand with that
system. Barack Obama speaks earnestly about the need to RE-REGULATE
these industries that are running purely on GREED; CEO’s, CFO’s and
the top posts raking in hundreds of millions in salaries and bonuses
every year while the workers do not even make a LIVING WAGE…these
industries are reaping RECORD PROFITS as they build their
headquarters in foreign countries, such as Haliburton in Dubai, to
avoid paying hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes, to get around
any kind of environmental regulations, along with any other
regulations that may still exist. All of this while the bottom 99%
of the population watches the standard of living decline and cost of living soar
whilst salaries stagnate or go down. This is done blatantly and without a trace of
shame. That is the state of the nation: PURE UNBRIDLED, UNRESTRAINED GREED!!!!


Christina Marlowe

2 thoughts on “Deregulation and the FIERY PIT that is Now AMERICA…

  1. Arlie Naser says:

    Loving the info on this website , you have done great job on the blog posts.


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