Lies and Hypocrisy…

American government LIES, lies manufactured and dispensed, to a mostly unwitting public in order to retain the so-called status quo of the ELITE, through nonsensical, abject fear of nearly everyone else, and thus, through sheerly ignorant hatred toward others.  And it has worked like a charm, apparently.
America, my country of origin, is one of the worst, most violent, greedy and power-mongering, imperialistic nations in all written history;  it all goes with the territory of pretending you stand on superior, high moral principles when you are, in actuality and in fact, brutalizing any one or any thing that has different viewpoints.  Facts seem out of place, but they do still exist.  America, and it’s revered U.S. Constitution, that incidentally these teabagger-morons just love to throw around in total and stunning ignorance (i.e. do you think they are fighting for, say, MY freedom of speech), along with all the supposed “rights” therein, America and the Constitution written by our ever-revered “founding fathers” was founded fort and by and written for and by…WHITE, wealthy, Anglo-saxon SLAVE-OWNERS, the very same racists who considered black people 3/5 of an “actual” person.  See?  NO ONE CAN WASH OFF FACTS…no matter how hard they try;  It is still THERE for all to see.  The Blatant HYPOCRISY, among other things.
Further, it seems that every group of people, no matter who they are or where they reside, tend to do this:  that is, together, they, as a (strength in numbers) group, pit themselves against (weaker) anyone else that may differ from their own notions, the very same notions that are most likely FALSE.  They do target, demonize and mercilessly victimize certain groups of people who are actually just living their own lives and minding their own business.  Maybe they (the big bullies) do it in order to make themselves more, um, RIGHT.  And on it goes without much question.  I happen to have a few questions.  I am only trying to ferret out some truth out of all those HORRIBLE LIES that I have learned here in America…

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