On For-Profit Health Care…

While I do not agree with for-profit health care at all, and I certainly find that corporate (health care insurance) profiteers as the broker between doctors and patients is deplorable, that just is what it is, I guess.  However, when politicians, and by the way, they’re almost ALL Republicans with a few so-called Blue Dog Democrat (jackelopes), when these politicians fight tooth and nail against the working poor citizens’ (i.e., the new middle class) rights to available and affordable health care benefits and coverage, I cannot help but conclude that they are HYPOCRITES of the highest order.  If I was as mean-spirited as they are, I would yank every single lifetime, tax-payer funded health care benefit that each of them so enjoy, and leave each one of them doing what every other non-connected American must do:  purchase their own blatantly and grossly inflated, unregulated, Anti-American so-called health care insurance (one of the biggest and most profitable SCAMS in history, in my estimation).  And THEN, just when one of them gets sick and needs health care coverage desperately, let the CEO of the insurance corporation deny any and all coverage, and then, in the final parting shot, CEO will then unceremoniously…PULL THE PLUG.

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