On Stupidification…

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

This is an overall observation on the decline of human civilization.  America is first, as usual; all other nations eventually follow it, straight down into the burning, fiery, cavernous pit of hell or, in an atheist world, extinction.  This phenomenon that we are witnessing strikes me as quite similar to the major snafu by the Blue Angels one year in one of their air shows wherein the lead pilot miscalculated and, consequently, within a mere microsecond, the synchronization was irreparably ruined and each pilot that followed the lead pilot, went straight into the ground, each to their immediate deaths. Every single one of them.

As I see it painfully clearer all the time, one of my more startling conclusions about humans and human societies, is that what once had been just basic, general so-called human intelligence (nothing more, nothing less), basic human intelligence has nearly totally morphed, disintegrated and self-annihilated. It’s the oddest thing. What was once considered “basic” by most standards, has been usurped completely by Abject Stupidity. Furthermore, at this…Stupidity’s core…at it’s very foundation, it is a Stupidity so fundamentally base, so vile, so virulent, in it’s disease-like spreading and infectious qualities that, I do believe, it, this…Stupidity…has bred itself into a true, and perhaps even permanent, genetic mutation. It seems quite similar to the ongoing progression of the comorbid epidemics of obesity and diabetes. This current strain of, I’ll just call it “Viral Stupidity,” and I’ll now invent a new word here, “Stupidification,” the positive Stupidification of a whole race, i.e. the human race, is what I think will bring down the entire [godforsaken] species.

Curiously, I do conclude with relative certainty that Pathological Liars and Amoral Sociopaths comprise the overwhelming majority of the tiny ruling class; the ship of Errant Fools, on the other hand, are the astonishingly ignorant true believers, the Total Idiot Population. It is well-known, for example, at least by my own self, that outright lies, blatant and intentional trickery and casual deceit is the overarching rule…certainly not the exception.  And in the constant bombardment of outlandish fabrications, preposterous confabulations, totally and intentionally false information, does serve the ruling criminal class by utterly stupefying it’s population; This bombardment baffles and utterly stymies the idiot class; the incredible and outright denial of facts and denial of actual reality has become the new “reality.”   This confounding yet hysterically amusing phenomenon, I argue, has indeed been inbred to the point of a Total Idiot Population, (TIP hereon).

Plus, this devolution does not stop there. Moronic behavior, infantile narcissism, along with severely retarded Idiot-thoughts, are all traits now actually oddly revered and shamelessly bandied about in public. As an added part in this “stupidification” process, the TIPs who really shine, the ones that are so unbelievably stupid that they stand out hugely from the General Idiot Population (or GIP), on top of their bewildering stupidity, they are “rewarded” with sudden heaps of money thrown at them; when this happens, things really turn crazy: the unforgivably stupid people then willingly roll around in their own filthy…lucre…right in front of numerous cameras, as they proudly display their irredeemable brainlessness and now-complete imbecility for the entire world to see.

And then it’s the Japanese; and then everyone else, right on down the line; they all try their idiot-best to emulate the American idiots, to imitate them just like would monkeys.

And there is the human race.  Right into oblivion.  Squandered completely. Oh, and don’t forget the Idiot-American pastime, where there’s always bunches of felons throwing around some ball in a court or field, usually whining, acting like spoiled brats, bleating and moaning…generally just gigantic, overgrown really, totally undeveloped infant-men. Infant-men with very large…complexes.

In any case, there really are very few exceptions.  The whole thing is a hideous spectacle as I watch the brains of an entire species devolve into nothing more than spongy, seeping MUD. Right before my very eyes. I must admit that the whole situation does occasionally drive me to drink, sometimes heavily.

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