On the Constant Thorn of the Abortion Issue…

Letter to the NYT:

If the R-wing extremists of America want to make the issue about abortion and their own pro-life stances at each and every turn, I have a few points to make and then a general suggestion:

I do not see too many Pro-Life people adopting crack-addicted AIDS babies; Nor do I see many adoptions of deformed, water-headed, retarded, birth-defected babies. Who will take care of these unwanted children? If you people are on such a self-righteous high horse, and you have all these bright ideas, then yes—I challenge you all RIGHT NOW to take in ALL of the unwanted pregnancies no matter what the circumstances- drug-addiction, retardation, horrible, life-long birth defects, unspeakable and irreversible complications; pregnancies as a result of rape, incest, prostitution. Okay. Now YOU feed them, clothe them, educate them, pay their astronomical, never-ending hospital bills, pay their psychiatric bills, pay their legal defense fees; YOU deal with everything that comes with all of that!! Then and only then, can you people truly stand on your stupid-to-the-core and ultra-hypocritical diatribe.

Furthermore, if human life means so much to you people, why is it that you fight tooth and nail against health care access for not just our own US citizens, but YOURSELVES!?!??

And to the government hacks: You yourselves enjoy full, lifetime health care along with endless other benefits, all on the taxpayers dime, right as you continually fight to deny your own constituents, your own fellow citizens, the very entitlements that which you yourselves benefit. How dare you people. And to this I say:

I propose a simple and straightforward bit of legislation to be given to the citizens of the United States as a REFERENDUM vote:

Retract entirely every last health care benefit that these hypocritical parasites in our miserably failing government enjoy on OUR, the taxpayers’, hard-earned dime. Then these corrupt, meanspirited and unconscionable government HUMPS would all have to do just as WE ALL MUST DO: buy filthy, grossly inflated, anti-American, inhumane for-profit health care “insurance,” (one of the biggest SCAMS in history) that covers nothing at all just when you need coverage most; and then, when one of these filthy, horrible Republicans or “Blue-Dog” Democrats gets sick and is denied coverage, let the insurance company CEO immediately and unceremoniously pull the plug.

P.S. If you want to reduce the number of (constitutionally legal) abortions in this country, why don’t you support something simple? It’s called EDUCATION; Not the asinine “abstinence only” programs that are utterly failing in each and every way, but REAL EDUCATION about such things as, uh, BIRTH CONTROL. By the way, this issue is none of your (goddamned) business and it never will be. Furthermore, you people, you who so staunchly support the so-called “RIGHTS” of the wretched, doomed and neglected unborn, you have a LOT of nerve, in the FIRST PLACE, DICTATING to ANY ONE what to do. Now MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. You are all truly beyond the pale: unforgivably sanctimonious HYPOCRITES.


2 thoughts on “On the Constant Thorn of the Abortion Issue…

  1. John Liming says:

    Can you please give me permission to reblog this article about Abortion in my blog, “American Liberal Times?” I would certainly give you full attribution if you can see your way clear to permit.


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