On the Filthy Dirtbag, Ron Paul…(Deep-Seated Character Disorders Now PreRequisite for Wannabe “Presidential” “Contenders”)

Amidst this ghastly yet hilarious and almost fascinating line-up of Stunningly Ignorant and Trashy Wanna-Be Presidential Contenders, Consider this if you actually think that Ron Paul is somehow “different”:

Ron Paul is just another totally delusional, grandiose, self-important, power-mongering would-be despot, desperately seeking “control;” A manipulative Tyrant-LOSER. Maybe he’s not QUITE as stunningly STUPID as all the other Idiots in this Joke of a, ahem, “RACE;” But the FACT remains that, just like ALL the OTHERS, with NO exceptions, he is merely just another vacant, totally Amoral, stupidly arrogant… DIRTBAG.

Furthermore, just as with each and every one of these other morons, Ron Paul is thoroughly self-important, self-absorbed, infantile, egomaniacal; His notions of ruling over all are Pure CLAPTRAP; Utter Nonsense; In short, he’s a dirty little WINDBAG; And his brand of pathetic “I-told-you-so” swagger literally smacks of that godawful sense of ENTITLEMENT that all these so-called “contenders” seem to possess, same exact [serious character defect] as the Idiot-BUSH.

The point is that ANY ONE with the most basic, fundamental grasp of actions and their CONSEQUENCES could have and DID “predict” all that Ron Paul claims to have “foreseen;” Ron Paul engages in his very own MAGICAL THINKING; He really wants people to believe his BALDERDASH…and some actually DO!! But Any IDIOT, any WITLESS MORON, could plainly foresee every horrible bit of this utter DECIMATION of America, not to mention the rest of this godforsaken world.   In the end,
Ron Paul is just another CELEBRITY-IDIOT-THUG; So busily, so proudly, so obnoxiously trumpeting his so-called “achievements.”

Ron Paul is NOTHING and Ron Paul is NO ONE.

Amusingly, not one of these morons even seem to realize that, in each of their transparently and shockingly VAIN attempts to, um, (HA!!) Rule the World, they are each defining perfectly their very own, and very disturbing, Deep-seated Character Disorders: the Narcissistic, Sociopathic, Pathological LIAR. Busybodies.

To each of these um, “contenders,” I must say “No. No. No, I really don’t think so…” Now kindly just step aside. Please get down from there… Step DOWN, please!! Just Get AWAY from me!!!!!!…


Christ…ina Marlowe

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