September, 2008: A Look Back at John McCain’s Presidential Race…

I believe, more fervently than ever before, that Americans must be really very STUPID. And I can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. Please read the following from yesterday, September __, 2008:

As of today, Wednesday, 17 September, 2008, citizens of the United States have lost over a TRILLION dollars in THREE DAYS and the presidential race is STILL tight; What can you POSSIBLY, LOGICALLY, CONCEIVABLY, RATIONALLY deduce from THIS fact ALONE?!?!? Half of the people in this country are STILL ACTUALLY FAVORING the REPUBLICAN PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many times do these people have to get SHAMELESSLY and UTTERLY RAPED by these politicians?!?!?! I am embarrassed and ashamed for each and every one of these people in their COMPLETE and TOTAL stupidity.

As this man, McCain, unseeingly stares out from under the notes and/or speeches that someone ELSE has written for him; as this man proceeds to stutter the words that he is INDEED a MAVERICK; as he is looking on in UNCOMPREHENDING and STUPEFIED WONDER at every horrible and ghastly thing that is happening in our country (indeed, around the world), we must come to THE CONCLUSION that, BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT, the mere IDEA that ANYONE is even considering voting for this man, McCain, flies in the face of anything resembling human intelligence.

McCain fails COMPLETELY and UNDENIABLY in understanding ANY policy, foreign or domestic. Therefore, he must be one of only two things: 1.) an unforgivably stupid moron, or 2.) a greedy, selfish, stingy and despicably unconscious criminal.

“THE FUNDAMENTALS OF THE U.S. ECONOMY ARE STRONG,” McCain chokes out as the crowd of pleased Republicans nod their empty heads in unthinking, walleyed agreement. The FACT of the matter is this: McCain and his Republican cohorts have been and still are, absolutely STALWART, STAUNCH AND UNBENDING PROPONENTS for each and every piece of legislation propelling DEREGULATION of US industries, beginning with REAGAN (the old bastard).

For the ENTIRE twenty-six years that McCain has been in the U.S. Senate, DEREGULATING INDUSTRY has been among his ONLY accomplishments. McCain and his REPUBLICAN cronies have been AND STILL ARE DIRECTLY and IRREFUTABLY responsible for the current debacle of our economy. Beginning with the deregulation and consequential and destructive fragmentation of the industries of health care, telecommunications, airlines, etc., etc., to the deregulation and (witness) decimation of the industries of insurance, banking, ET AL, the REPUBLICANS, THAT PARTY in which JOHN MCCAIN IS A LIFETIME MEMBER, ARE THE ONES RESPONSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These politicians, the Republicans specifically, in their flagrant pandering and shameless whoring to the big-money lobbyists for the corporate fiefs, work day and night for passing legislation are looking out for ONE THING and ONE THING ONLY: THEMSELVES. And, by the way, make no mistake about this, either: the wealthy, ruling Republicans want to KEEP IT THAT WAY!!!!!

What does it TAKE to understand that the ONLY people that benefit from the philosophy, views, legislation, etc. of the Republican party are the SUPER, ULTRA WEALTHY RULING ELITE!!!!!!!!! The MIDDLE CLASS people get NOTHING (except their very twisted and GODFORSAKEN notions of “GOD). Oh, and maybe, as Obama let slip, their INTENSELY INSECURE and IRRATIONAL NEEDS TO OWN GUNS (and to have too many CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!)

What more evidence does one need that will convince people that this is ALL WRONG!?!?! That REPUBLICANS ARE WICKED and there is NO EXCUSE to be one!!! If you are among the struggling and suffering through this quagmire of a war and through the utter disintegration of the entire US economy and you voted for BUSH, you have NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELVES!!!!!! I have NO SYMPATHY WHATSOEVER!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS YOU PEOPLE THAT HAVE DONE THIS!!!!!!!!! IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT FOR VOTING THIS (THAT) MORON, BUSH, INTO THE PRESIDENCY!!!!!!!!! NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE!!!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE…

Additionally (and quite alarmingly) the Republicans seem to be breeding much more aggressively (to wit, SARA PALIN’S FIVE (5) children); And at a time in the world that overpopulation has never been a more serious problem. Not to mention the fact that these people insist on raising the most incredibly ignorant, uneducated, increasingly dim-witted, unthinking, unquestioning, well…BLITHERING IDIOTS!!! Just like BUSH!!! (If THIS is what CREATIONISM means–IGNORANCE AND DENIAL OF FACTS–and don’t forget, it’s the REPUBLICANS that favor teaching THAT to children in PUBLIC SCHOOLS); If THIS is what they believe, I think that I have proven my point. At least HALF of ALL AMERICANS are COMPLETELY and IRREDEEMABLY STUPID.


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