STOP MASS INCARCERATION: Baltimore Erupts! High School Students Lead Rebellion

Baltimore Erupts!

High School Students Lead Rebellion

Crips, Bloods, Street Tribes announce unity against the murdering police

Stop Mass Incarceration Network (SMIN) activists and supporters need to act and respond to the outpourings in Baltimore. If you are close enough to Baltimore to mobilize people to get here, you should come. Plan solidarity actions wherever you are so that people can be involved in standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the fight for Justice for Freddie Gray. And, Please Donate money so that more people, especially SMIN activists and Families of those murdered by police can come and represent and join the fight.
SMIN has just received a Matching Challenge of $4000 to send Fighters to Baltimore and other outbreaks of Resistance
Let’s not loose it!


Message From People In Baltimore

Call From The Stop Mass Incarceration Network For Solidarity Actions With Baltimore Protests

To Stop Mass Incarceration Network activists and friends, The outpouring of protests in Baltimore responding to the police murder of Freddie Gray is tremendous. It’s another case of the cops brutally murdering a Black man; and the people being told they should suffer this in silence, while waiting for the system to finish its investigations. NO! People were right to stand up here, and they need to keep on standing up and fighting, both as the way to get justice for Freddie Gray and as the way to build a fight to STOP the system from continuing to give a green light to their cops to brutalize and even murder Black and Latino people.

Carl Dix
anyone who can, please attend and support the Perez Family in their Battle for Justice

Justice for Pedie Perez

Tuesday, April 28,
City Council, 6:30 PM
Civic Center Plaza, Richmond, CA

SMIN Shut Down Planning meeting
and phone banking
Tuesday, 5:30 pm
CafeTazo, 3087 16th St, San Francisco,

We are ALL Baltimore!

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