U.S. History 101…

America’s Ever-Revered “Founding Fathers” were SADISTIC SLAVE MASTERS , OR,  What Goes Around Eventually Comes Back and Hits You Right Smack In the Mouth…HARD

America’s [Brutal] HISTORY is as important as any other variable in wealth and it’s distribution; Of course, America is a country that was literally built on the backs, on the blood, sweat and tears of SLAVES, mostly of African decent, but Chinese and others as well. When you focus on that dynamic, SLAVERY, another picture clearly emerges: African-Americans, from forced slavery, to the Sharecropping system that took it’s place, to the harsh and despicable Jim Crow laws, to wide voter suppression by terrorism, to the tenuous Civil Rights movement in the 1960′s, and on and on. Black Americans, for one, are a group that has been systematically oppressed, continually repressed and physically and psychologically brutalized ever since they were FORCED to come to this country as SLAVES. Today, the sordid facts and the horrible legacy lives on. There was a recent article that stated that White Americans hold TWENTY (20) TIMES more wealth than Black Americans. Gee, Really? I am SHOCKED!!

To further my point, each year that I am able, I go to visit one of the most destitute regions in the United States, the ever-impoverished Mississippi Delta. There are hundreds of tiny towns strewn quite apart from each other, and in each of these tiny, dirt-poor towns, I find only fast food chain restaurants, local catfish, hushpuppies and BBQ shacks, perhaps a gas station here and there, a few general stores and several funeral parlors; no where have I seen a market filled with healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains.  Or, um, access to VOTER IDs.

Many people in the Mississippi Delta, many, if not most of them, black, have been and still are left completely ignored and poverty-stricken with little access to a proper education, healthy foods, [affordable] health care; many live in lean-to shacks with no hope for a better future. The people of this region of Mississippi, the poorest state in the union, are largely ignored and there is always a severe lack of resources for them. How, exactly do you get ahead with those kinds of conditions??? Generation after generation, there is NOTHING to do BUT play & sing the Blues. And they certainly have MASTERED THAT.

How EXACTLY do you get ahead with those kinds of conditions???   Or obtain…VOTER I.D.s?!?!?

So, it is with that that I say, once more, the drastic lack of resources for black Americans and now for most people in all of America today, thanks largely to three decades of continual DEREGULATION of ALL INDUSTRIES, is so vastly widening and spreading…And the criminal conspiracy on Wall Street that brought this country to it’s knees, along with the corrupt Kleptocratic U.S. government’s draconian cuts to ALL of the most crucial and the most fundamental aspects to any “civilized” society, i.e. education, health care, food and shelter, have utterly shattered so many lives it’s unspeakable.

There are a lot of totally amoral and utterly unconscionable people; I say to you all: Only YOU are accountable for your ACTIONS, and, conversely, your INACTIONS, here on earth. NEVER look away from [HUMAN] SUFFERING.

I, personally, do NOT believe in FORGIVENESS for EVIL.  One MAY NOT commit one horrible, atrocious act after another, over and over again, or conversely, actively deny FACTS through their own Willful Ignorance… and expect to be FORGIVEN (in the end or at any other time).

That’s where this entire world has become so mean and so treacherous; there is no regard for other people, especially the poor, the needy, the downtrodden ones. Today, it’s all about promoting one’s own self-interest with myopic short-term (usually monetary) gains, all without taking into account a broader perspective on others, and just how our actions or inactions will affect those around us…That is SICK.

I see very clearly that these people, the ones who have brought and continue to bring SO MUCH to OUR CULTURE, were born into a HOPELESSLY RACIST EMPIRE, TOTALLY AGAINST THEIR WILL…If you put yourself in THAT position and REALLY THOUGHT HARD about it, maybe you people would see things in a far brighter light…We need to reevaluate what is VALUABLE…

And, by the way, in case you’ve not noticed, It is Now that We Are ALL, IN FACT, SCREWED TOGETHER;  Black, White, Across the entire Spectrum, Together We are all Doomed and stuck in the Exact same system as [some of your ancestors] suffered through. How Lovely.  Pay heed Y’All:  Today, Right Now, We ARE the Sharecroppers, Slaves, Working Poor, Imprisoned, Repeatedly RAPED PEONS…to the HA! “Masters of the Universe.”

I say to each and every one of these stupid-to-the-core, power-mongering, narcissistic, sociopathic, low-life, greasy and Rapacious BUFFOONS/APES:

I now know beyond any doubt whatsoever that, as Balzac wrote, ”Behind every great fortune, there is CRIME.”

As for Obama, I say to him: Listen up, MAN…If you don’t hold the criminals accountable for their CRIMES, your precious “Legacy” will be pilloried by the FACT that YOU, SIR, are a LYING DEMON, cut from the very same cloth as your buddies in the Banks and on Wall Street that bankroll you.

Furthermore, you are, without any doubt, to quote Cornell West now, “A black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats.”
To further quote West on Obama, “And now he has become head of the American killing machine and is proud of it.”

What a Disgraceful TRAVESTY.

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